i'm so happy you're here!

Hi I'm Kara! I’ve had a passion for photography since I was little. Being able to look at a photograph and remember that moment, the little details, the feeling I had that day is what I live for. Giving that back to others is my mission. I think photographs are so important. Sometimes it’s all we have left. Which is why I decided to be the face behind the camera and help capture those precious memories & little details for you.

I first picked up a camera when I was about 9 years old, knowing nothing about it but remembering being so excited to use it. The first time I ever used that camera was on a family trip to Virginia Beach. To this day I still have the photographs I took from that trip. My family saw that I showed interest in photography so I upgraded from the chintzy Kodak Power shot camera to something a little better. I remember getting that camera for Christmas & being so excited (even more excited than I was about the Kodak!) My step dad is a photographer as well & showed me how to use the camera & what all the different settings meant. I was so fascinated & didn’t even realize how much really went into clicking a simple button.

From that day on I was on a mission to take photos of everything and use my artistic abilities to create some lasting memories & art.

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